Monday, May 17, 2010


It's morning now.  Almost time to wake the kids for school.  I've yet to go to bed. 

Insomnia? Definitely.  It's pretty much the norm around here.  But tonight (or rather, this morning), it's something different. I like to call it butterflies. 

My husband is on his way home.  I haven't seen him in 204 days, and he's only two days away from being right next to me.  It feels like New Year's Eve, 2001, when I waited for him to pick me up.  What was supposed to be a large group outing that night fatefully turned into just Jelly and me--and the rest is history. 

It's morning now, and I find myself waiting again...for an email, a phone call, a message that he's caught the next leg of his four days of travel home to me.  The butterflies keep me awake, but that's okay.  I listened to my children sleep.  I watched the sun rise and heard the doves awaken.  I counted the helicopters en route to the medical center.  I passed the time.

And now it's morning.  Time to wake the cranky munchkins and get them off to school.  But that's okay, too.  Because it is morning.  And that's one night closer to being complete. 


  1. Amy - - my prayer is that your sweet husband arrives home safely and gets his much needed R & R. And I pray that your nerves settle and you soak in every moment of the anticipation.

    Thank you for your entire family's sacrifice!!

  2. That anticipation is the best (and most nerve-wracking) feeling! Enjoy your visit with Jelly! Love the picture.

  3. What a fantastic post.... prayers with you and your husband!